Bayswater Family Practice

Family Doctors for All Ages

With a fully equipped modern surgery, large waiting room, spacious consultation rooms, and dedicated rooms for diagnostic tests and surgical procedures, Bayswater Family Practice is your complete comprehensive family General Practice.

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A focus on you and your health

Continuous care from the same regular GP

Same day appointments for urgent problems

Practice Information

Everything you need to know is here

Opening Hours

8am – 5pm
Monday to Friday

+ 5pm - 7pm

Contact Details

Phone: 07 4197 1971
Fax: 07 4194 5195

After Hours

Weekdays after 5pm
Saturdays and Sundays. 

Please phone 07 4197 1971 for the Accredited After Hours Medical Service.


The practice has a wheel chair accessible waiting room, consult rooms and toilets.


The  practice does not universally bulk bill,  except for children under 16 years of age, DVA gold card holders and at Doctor's discretion.
All other consultations are privately billed, irrespective of the length of the appointment or whether it includes procedures or tests.
A discount applies for pensioners and Health Care Card holders.


2 Bayswater Dr,
Urraween, QLD 4655

You shouldn't need to retell your medical history every time you visit the doctor...

That's why we try to ensure that you and your family all receive care from the same regular GP, and our Doctors and nurses are committed to keeping quality medical records, with concise and accurate health summaries to share with specialists and hospitals when required.

As well as being fully integrated with the electronic My Health Record, we are absolutely committed to your privacy and the privacy of your health information.

Everyone at the practice and in your family is on the same page.

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Bayswater Family Practice is your first point of call for all your health needs.